Our Philosophy

We are a digital marketing agency that helps companies grow and achieve results.

We bring structure to chaos.

In an environment filled with chaos you need a structure that pierces through the digital marketing chaos. We structure your brand to stand out in a digital environment. We create structure in chaos so that you are heard.

The chaos of competition.

We are constantly competing for attention and to be heard in a chaotic environment. Get heard first in an environment that’s evolving.

Our Marketing Expertise


Google Ads & Strategy

Consumers need to be able to find your brand in the Digital world. But, how do you make your brand stand out amongst your competitors? The answer lies in a strong digital marketing strategy and implementation.


Social Media Strategy

Get involved in the chaotic use of social media platforms, the new word of mouth. You could say that maintaining a good brand image can be chaotic and involves constant upkeep.


Website Development

We develop & design websites that are beautifully structured and responsive to any platform and designed to meet your objectives.
Start ranking high on Google with a quality website optimised for search engines.


Brand Building & Design

Let the chaotic bring out the visually creative from a structured brand visual messaging. Logo design, brand design, corporate branding and graphic design for all platforms. Success lies in the quality and distinction of your brand’s visual messaging.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Gain competitor the edge and lead by reaching your markets effectively, through a structured strategy that is built on understanding your business strategy and insights.


Research & Development

Bring it all in and understand how your competitors stack up to you in the race. With the use of the latest trends, we’ll use our research tools to bring you more insights and structure.

Google Analytics
Google Ads
Google Ads eCommerce
Google Ads video
Google Ads mobile

It is estimated consumers will make 95% of their purchases online by 2024.

– Foundr

Why Disrupt With Us

Crafting strategy

Our full digital marketing solutions are crafted from strategy to conversions.


We are problem solvers

We’re all about the remarkable, the unexpected and the flawless.

Insights driven

We use technology and insight to implement marketing campaigns for long-term sustainable business.


Brands That Trust our Expertise

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.

  • ”Wow, what a professional company! I seeked assistance from a digital agency to assist us with getting our digital marketing up to scratch. Being in a fast pace and ever-changing industry, we were looking for someone to jump right in, take the reins and get us to where we want to be in the online sphere. The Brand Race has been extremely flexible to our needs, their team is knowledgeable from website management through to digital campaigns, conceptualisation, creatives, implementation and management. They have fresh ideas and are serious about their clients success.”

    Exposure Marketing

  • “I cautiously looked for help from an expert and wow, did I hit the jackpot when I found you/The Brand Race. Your knowledge, passion and dedication blew me away and I immediately felt very comfortable that you knew what you were doing and that you always had my business’ best interests at heart. Thank you for always being available to answer my millions of questions and for going above and beyond to help me get the results I was looking for. Your personal touch, attention to detail, creativity and excitement is infectious and it shone through everything that you did. With more clients signing up and profit margins at an all time high, I could never thank you enough for all of your incredible hard work. The Brand Race is phenomenal, and I will recommend you – always”

    Aeropets Worldwide

  • ”The Brand Race is all knowledge and power. Truly refreshing, always exceeding expectations”

    Vilamora Tours & Transfers

  • “The Brand Race helped us create a strategy that helped better position our brand. Our leads increased on all our focused channels. I highly recommend The Brand Race”

    MT Business Networks

  • “The Brand Race has produced the best works I have ever seen in my whole life”

    Fresheau Still Water

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The Brand Race is a Digital Marketing agency based in Johannesburg. We specialise in growing your business online. We are the digital marketing agency that will help your business achieve results.